Broadband Benefit

Frontier® FiberOptic Internet
for as low as

$ 0 /month 

for qualified Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB) participants. Max
speeds are wired. Wi-Fi actual & average speeds vary. Available to new and current
Frontier customers.

Here’s how to get started

no fees

First, apply online

Complete the FCC National Verifier to see if you’re eligible for the EBB Program. Make sure to save your Application ID for later in the process, and return to this page after applying.

Apply now
no fees

Then, send your info

Once you’re approved, check if Frontier Internet is available in your area, then submit your info to place your order. Once complete, we’ll call to schedule your installation if needed.

Check availability
no fees

Or call us

If you prefer, call us and we’ll walk you through the process. We’ll verify your eligibility, help get you signed up for Frontier Internet and activate your credits.


How you’ll save—we’ve done the math for you

Frontier Essentials Internet

500/500 Mbps

Gig Service

Regular price


EBB credits


Your monthly payment


Max speeds are wired speeds. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. Performance details:

Chart shows up to $50 EBB credit. If on tribal lands, EBB credit is up to $75. EBB credit applies to internet service only. At the end of the program, you will be subject to Frontier’s undiscounted rates and general terms and conditions if you continue to receive service.

Who’s eligible for the Federal EBB Program?

The EBB is available to those who are:

Recovering from substantial income loss

Qualified veterans

Receiving government benefits

And more

Many federal programs can qualify you to get the EBB discount. To learn more please visit our EBB discount program page.

Family enjoying internet provided by EBB program

How the Federal EBB Program works

You deserve to stay connected with family and friends, even when times are tough. The EBB is a temporary federal program that’s designed to help qualifying low-income households connect to the internet with credits up to $50/month (up to $75/month on Tribal lands) toward internet services. We’re just making it easier to get started.

How do I apply for the Federal EBB (Emergency Broadband Benefit) Program?

To apply for the Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, you need to go to to get certified by the FCC National Verifier and qualify for the EBB Program. Once approved, you must accept the enrollment acknowledgment during your call with a Frontier agent.

After I sign up with the National Verifier for the offer and provide the required information, how will I know if I qualify?

You will receive a confirmation email from the National Verifier with approved status.

How long does the EBB last?

The EBB program will last until the funding runs out. Frontier will notify its participating customers 30-45 days before the program ends.

If I participate in the Federal EBB Program, what’s my monthly rate? Is this a contract or term agreement?

Once you’ve enrolled in the EBB Program, the standard monthly rate for Frontier Essentials Internet will range from $19.99 – $74.99 depending on the speeds available at your address. After federal discounts have been applied, the monthly rate for service will be $0 - $24.99, depending on your internet subscription. The standard monthly service rate is guaranteed for the first two years, after which re-certification is required to continue receiving Frontier Essentials Internet. This service is non-contractual and does not have a term agreement. Additional products including but not limited to Inside Wire Maintenance, Voice, Frontier Secure products, Frontier TV, Dish TV, etc. are not included in this program and will be billed as an additional monthly charge.

What if my internet bill is less than $50?

The EBB discount covers up to $50 for broadband internet service, but if your monthly rate is lower, you can’t receive the balance of the credit. For example, if your internet rate is $19.99, the credit will only cover $19.99 and your discounted rate will be $0.

Are there any installation fees?

The installation fee is waived upon application approval, and acceptance of EBB Program terms, which must occur prior to your scheduled install date.

Will Frontier conduct a credit check when I apply for service?

As part of standard Frontier policy, all orders for new service are subject to a credit check, which will impact your ability to obtain internet service. If a deposit is required for internet, it will be waived. But if you have other services on the account, a deposit may be required.

How often do I need to provide proof of eligibility?

You must qualify for the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program in order to participate in the Frontier Essentials Internet Program.

•You must be certified by the FCC National Verifier prior to eligibility of the Frontier Essentials Internet offer.

•Frontier must receive the enrollment acknowledgment acceptance.

At the end of the temporary EBB program, the Frontier Essentials Internet offer will be billed at the regular price. In order to stay with the Frontier Essentials Internet offer, you may be required to re-certify with Frontier.

Is a technician required to install service?

Installation will depend on the type of internet services ordered. When you place your order, the Frontier customer service representative will advise if a technician is needed for installation.

Subject to program qualification. To apply for the Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program, visit Once qualified, customer must contact Frontier to complete further enrollment requirements. EBB is a government assistance program that may be discontinued at any time. At EBB program end, subscribers will be subject to standard, unsubsidized rates. Speed capable range as fast as 450/450 Mbps to 500/500 Mbps for 500 Mbps Internet. Speed capable range as fast as 846/792 Mbps to 940/880 Mbps for Gig Service. Performance details: Subject to availability. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other restrictions, Frontier policies and service terms apply.